Who Is He

logo_black Her name is Ericka. She is the one to blame for both the title of this blog and the lack of posts (at least in part). We met in the summer of 2016 online.  Over the course of several months, our conversations lengthened taking us into the late nights talking about everything from dogs & children to faith & family.  At some point, she called me her “sleepy gentleman” and the title stuck.

On a typical weekday, I am a corporate trainer who administrates a learning management system for a rather large company and teaches mostly Excel classes.

There are a couple of things you need to know about me in order to understand where I am coming from in my blog:

I grew up in poverty. For the better part of my early childhood, we used an outhouse and took baths in the kitchen sink, because that was the only place that tied the well water into our house. As a pre-teen, I found myself eating out a dumpster. Against many odds and through God’s provision, I was able to go to college and eventually earn a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology.

I grew up without a father. When I was 7 years old, my father was welding on his car. It started to rain and short-circuited the welding machine. The car insulated the current and killed him. I found his lifeless body when I came out to tell him lunch was ready. My mother became an alcoholic, and I spent most of my life growing up with different and often poor role models. As a grown man, I don’t like sports, I don’t drink beer, and I love romantic comedies, all of which deduct from my “man score”. My life experiences caused me to think less of myself and through Christ, I have had to redefine what authentic manhood looks like.

I love theology. I have always been curious about God and have genuinely felt like he was the replacement of losing my father at such an early age. As a child, we moved frequently and I would get up on Sunday mornings and walk to the nearest church. As such, I have been exposed to a wide range of predominantly protestant denominations.

I am rediscovering my Hebrew Roots. I have three children, whom are homeschooled by their mom. At one point, she came across curriculum that took the children through world history in sync with the events of the Bible. Part of that process talked about the Jewish festivals and holidays that are in scripture. So we starting celebrating along side the Jews and rediscovered some of the Jewish roots of our Christian faith. I think that we as Christians have lost an substantial amount of meaning that served as the background of many events in the life of Christ from the Last Supper to what Passover really meant.

I am a geek at heart. Since the age of 12, I have been building my own computers. My nose was always in a fantasy book, even when my father took me hunting. While in college, I was out of class because of surgery, so I taught myself web programming. I am a huge fan of Tolkien (LOTR), Lewis (Narnia), and am a fellow Whovian (Dr. Who).


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